Parish to Parish and Sea to Sea, We Gatherin' fuh we  

More Barbadian descendants live outside than inside Barbados.  It is estimated at just under one million persons. Almost every Barbadian knows where their families and friends abroad are located, many of whom never  contact Barbados’ embassies. We want the family to come home for 2020, and even if you can’t make the family gathering, we want to connect with you for the future.

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We Gatherin Competition

The proposed National WeGatherin’2020 competition is designed to provide the Government of Barbados (GoB) with contact information of our diaspora across the world. Barbados needs you, and we want you to know there is a place that will always be your home, your birthright no matter where you live.

Reaching second and third generations of Barbadians abroad is imperative, as the first generation, is now significantly older. It is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ objective to reach the Barbados Diaspora to join us on a shared journey of prosperity and the transformation of our island home.

Global Stories

Many have done well, contributing significantly to their adopted homes in all fields of endeavour. You are our GLOBAL STORY of Barbadian excellence and ‘by your living you have done credit to your nation wherever you have gone’. We want to tell those stories, to show the world what Barbadians are made of. Those stories will inspire another generation of young Barbadians in our schools, so they too will strive and have the confidence to be their best. So help us, help your country.

Join the competition and win prizes by getting friends and relatives to register even if they cannot come in 2020. This network will allow us to collaborate; share news and information as we work together each in our own way here or there to build Barbados.

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What is WeGatherin' 2020?